Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tropical storm update

We have had to close our pre-schools today.  All govt. schools are closed.
The two roads out of Panajachel are closed. 
The road to Santa Catarina and San Antonio Palopo are closed due to mud slides.

Our teacher and cook for the San Antonio school could not get through due to mud slides.
There is a rush on buying food, gas and water now that the roads are blocked.

Tom from Mission Guatemala told me that he has had to close his clinic today.
We are so fortunate that we arrived yesterday rather than today otherwise we would not  have been able to get through.

The river is huge and many houses are being evacuated including a few Mayan Families staff members.

Thank you for those who have sent in money for food for families.  This rain is expected to last two all the families that work in the river sifting sand will not be able to work, there will not be much work for tuk tuk drivers, crops will be hurt and people will not be able to get to market. So there is going to be a need for help with food.

If you can even manage a little it would be very helpful.

Thanks, Sharon
Sharon Smart-Poage
Panajachel,  Guatemala. 

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