Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shoe shines boys in Panajachel, Guatemala

Saturday morning I saw these two little boys, 6 and 8 years
old....trying to get work shining shoes. They had on just thin
t.shirts and plastic shoes with no socks, the rest of their clothes
were in bad shape.  But they were cold.
I asked them if they had eaten yet and they said no. So I bought them
a hot cup of oatmeal and then took them to the Mayan Families office
to get them some clothing.

They told me that they had come by themselves to shine shoes.  A long
way from their village on the back of a pick up in the rain.  They are
the same age as my daughter, who is not allowed to cross the road by

Thanks to the donations that we have received we were able to give
them new pair had lights!!!  and new clothes to keep them
warm. They were so happy.
The caretaker at Mayan Families got them to wash their feet before
putting on their new socks and shoes and then he carefully helped dry
their feet for them.

The shoes and clothes that these two boys received just thrilled them so much.
Thank you to everyone who sends us clothes and means so
much to the people who receive it.

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