Friday, October 21, 2011

Hernandez family

Hi Everyone, 
You may remember last January we posted about the Hernandez family and some of you helped them.
There is an update on their situation on the Family Aid Blog.

The Hernandez family has been through a lot.  The father, Juan Pablo, has suffered greatly from physical ailments and medical malpractice, they have been robbed, and their house has been washed away by Storm Agatha (read their complete story here).  But amidst so many devastating struggles, the family perseveres on and is doing everything they can to stay together.  Two of their 3 daughters are sponsored through our school program, and they are so grateful for your help!

Today, this family is trying to live peacefully in Panajachel, but Juan Pablo and his wife, Nardy, are having trouble finding work.  Because of Juan Pablo's health problems, he has to take medicine every day and is unable to work any strenuous jobs.  So he tries to help his family by making candies that Nardy sells from a basket on the street.  They do not make very much money doing this, and they are in desperate need of money to pay for their home (which they rent) and for food.  The small home they have is run-down and the roof leaks.  The owner of the house doesn't take care of it, and the yard and roof are infested with insects and animals (such as snakes).  They pay Q500 ($67) each month for rent and electricity.  Plus they have to pay for Juan Pablo's medicine which costs Q403 ($54) every 3 weeks.  As a result, there isn't enough money for food or rent.
To read more of their story or to help them, please visit:
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