Friday, April 15, 2011

12 yr old Heidy needs heart surgery.

Heidy Needs Heart Surgery

Heidy, her mom, and her youngest brother,
receiving a food donation a few months ago.
12 Year old Heidy is sponsored to go to elementary school through Mayan Families.  This year she is in 5th grade, but she can't run around during phys-ed like the rest of the kids.  She has a 20mm hole in her heart, which allows blood to leak out.  Heidy suffers from chest pain, and she has a lot of trouble breathing.  Her concerned parents recently took her to the hospital for tests to determine exactly what was wrong, and doctors determined that she needs surgery as soon as possible to repair the hole.  Doctors told Heidy's mom, Estella, that with an operation now, Heidy should be able to recover fully and have a normal life.  Unfortunately, they also said that that may not be the case if the operation is postponed for too long.

The surgery, which will cost $800, is currently scheduled for May 19th, but, as is usual in Guatemala, the hospital requires payment beforehand.  Heidy's mother and father, who have five other children to support, do not have the money for the operation.  Estella works at home, caring for the children (Heidy is the oldest of the 6--the youngest is only 18 months).  Heidy's dad, Juan Carlos, works as a day laborer, earning only about $20 per week.

They came to Mayan Families not to ask for a donation or a gift from Heidy's sponsors, but for a loan, so that Heidy can have the surgery she needs as soon as possible rather than having to wait months or years as they try to put together that much money.

If you can help us get the hole in Heidy's heart fixed, so she can go back to being a normal kid, please go to Donate Now, and enter your donation in the "Other" box, with "#285 medical" in the 'details'.  Thank you!

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