Friday, April 8, 2011

Father Needs Urgent Medical Care

Alberto is an electrician by trade. Some years ago while working, he suffered a terrible accident: he was electrocuted, severely burning one of his arms.  The damage was too extensive to save the arm--it had to be amputated.  As a skilled electrician, Alberto had always been the family's breadwinner, but electrical work requires both hands, and since losing his arm he has been forced to take any work that he can find--no matter how low the pay or how grueling the task.  Though he is willing to do any work available, he isn't often hired, as potential employers assume he won't be very useful with just one arm, and he has faced great difficulty in securing a steady income for his wife and three children; the family often doesn't have enough to eat.

Alberto has never received any follow up care since his accident: the family simply doesn't have enough money to pay for medical treatment. His wife Estela has diabetes and has also suffered from a stomach ulcer for many years, but she also has never received treatment for either of these life-affecting problems. Alberto and Estela's youngest child, Suly, was adopted by these caring parents, because she was abandoned by her blood parents when she was still a baby. They have cared for her ever since as if she was their own child, despite all the problems they have faced. Suly has a Mayan Families sponsor and is currently in 7th grade. One of their other children, Fredy is 18 and is finishing high school this year. Their eldest child Pascual never went to school but he is now married, working and lives apart from the family.

Unfortunately we don't have a photo of Alberto or his wife,
but this is Suly receiving shoes at the beginning of this year
Alberto's health has been worsening recently and last night his family put him in hospital because he was so sick. The hospital didn't think they could help him with the limited equipment that they had so the family took him instead to a private clinic and then came to us asking for help. Alberto is on the brink of contracting cirrhosis of the liver. Despite the hardships in his life, Alberto has never succumbed to the temptation of alcohol--and the doctors have been unable to figure out the cause of his failing liver. At the moment, though, the doctor is very concerned about Alberto, and has laid out a plan of action for emergency treatment. The most pressing need is to have the liquid in his abdominal cavity extracted, and get an ultrasound and commence on some medication, all of which is going to cost almost $600. If you can help this loving father and his family, please go to the Donate Now page, scroll down to the 'other programs' box and enter FA 127. We are hoping to start him on this treatment a soon as possible. Thank you for all your support!

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