Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All About Semana Santa!

All-About-Guatemala.com is releasing a new book titled "Semana Santa 101:  A Look at Holy Week in Guatemala" and is donating a significant portion of the profits of books purchased by Mayan Families supporters to help with Mayan Families' efforts.

Semana Santa 101: A Look at Holy Week in Guatemala is a guide from an insider's point of view, sharing the author's experiences and those of friends.  You'll find information about the major celebrations, preparation for the festivities, easy to prepare recipes, and fun activities for kids and teachers.  In addition, there are several bonuses that you will receive.

Semana Santa 101 is available in ebook (pdf), printed book, and Amazon Kindle format.  For Mayan Families to receive your contribution, please write "Mayan Families" in the coupon code box when you purchase.  Note: If you purchase the Kindle version, you will need to email All-About-Guatemala.com (contact info at the bottom of the book page) to let them know of your desire to help Mayan Families, as Amazon has no notification system in place.

To find out more about Semana Santa 101, visit:


(To buy the books in bulk for fundraisers or group orders and receive preferential pricing while helping Mayan Families, please visit  http://www.all-about-guatemala.com/semana-santa-101-bulk.html)

Thanks again for your support!

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