Sunday, April 24, 2011

Good news for Juana and Rosaria!

Juana and Rosaria

Update 19 April
Thanks to very generous donations, Juana and Rosario now both have a brand new thick blanket each to ward off the cold mountain air at night. Thank you for helping these two lovely ladies out!

Original Post
Juana Par, 75, and her daughter, Rosaria, 28, live alone in a house made of wooden boards.  They have no family to support them, and before being added to the Mayan Families elderly feeding program in San Jorge, they supported themselves on the $3.30 that Rosaria earns cleaning onions each week.

Juana, 75, and her daughter Rosaria
They cannot afford to buy firewood, so 75 year old Rosaria goes down the mountain to a wooded area to look for it herself, and then carries the heavy load on her back up the mountain to their home.  At home, they do not have a water filter, a fuel efficient stove, or a pila to wash clothes and dishes and store water for the frequent times when water is not available in their home.  Though they would greatly benefit from help to buy any of these things, what they would most like is blankets to help keep them warm during the cold mountain nights.

Juana at the center
If you would like to help provide some of the basic necessities that Juana and Rosaria are lacking, you can do so at Donate Now, by scrolling down to the "Other" box, and entering the amount of your donation.  Enter A65 and A67, along with the purpose of your donation (i.e. 'blankets,' 'filter,' 'stove,' etc).

Good blankets cost $20.
A fuel efficient Onil Stove, which would dramatically decrease their need for firewood--and therefore the amount that Juana has to carry--costs $160.
A water filter, with the filter cartridges which provide clean water for 1-2 years, costs $50.

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