Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday at Mayan Families.

We have been busy preparing for the grand opening of the El Barranco school.
Christine, Alexa, Rodolfo and Juan Carlos have been helping the teacher, Zoila and he new cook, Rosa organize everything today.
It already looks very bright and cheery.
We were hoping that the landlord had removed the bee's hive that is on the roof but he is reluctant to do so because it is a sign of good luck here. I think we will be keeping a close eye on this in case it turns out to be not such good luck!

We have been calling in the students and giving out the gifts from the Medrano if you sent gifts to your sponsored students you should see their photos very soon. Some of them will be uploaded to Picassa this evening. Thank you for sending such wonderful things!!

We were very saddened today to learn that Isabel Mucun who has had her three children removed from her and placed in the care of the grandmother, under Mayan Families supervision is ......6 months pregnant. She came to us to ask for help with pregnancy tests, she apologized for being pregnant and said that she does not want the baby and wants to give it away. Her last child has severe learning disabilities and it will be difficult to find a home for this baby if it has the same problems. We have put her in contact with the social worker at the local hospital and we will give her the tests to make sure that as much as possible can be done to help the unborn child. Isabel's mother who is in her 60's has her hands full caring for little 4yr old Norma and the two older girls. She cannot take on another child.

We had representatives of the Mayor's office come today looking for help for two young teenage girls who were in danger of sexual assault at their home. The girls 15 and 18yrs old are aunt and niece. The 18yr old has taken responsibility for getting the 15yr old out of the house away from the stepfather. It has been a problem for several years at the home but no one would believe the girl till her Aunt came to help her. We have paid one month's rent for them to live in a safe house and they are going to the court with the help of local authorities. They need support for food and rent till the Aunt can find a job to support them. It is a huge responsibility for the Aunt but she is willing to do it.

Anna has been attending a meeting today organized by an NGO here in is to strive for more collaboration amongst NGO's which seems like a very good thing.

We are starting to build a house for a family in Tierra Linda. This family is very, very poor and their mud brick house is in danger of falling down around them.
We are starting immediately and hope to have it finished before the rains come too strongly. This project is being funded by members of a Rotary club that came to visit.The family is beyond excited!

We are starting the process of interviewing for the position of Family Aid program. Anna, has decided to go back to Australia and to University to get her Masters is leaving us in June. We are so sorry that she is going, she has done a fantastic job.

Tonight we are having a farewell pizza with volunteer, Pamela who has been back with us for a few weeks, she has painted some great signs and we wish her very well on her trip back to the US. and then she is off to the Greek Isles!

Sharon Smart-Poage
Panajachel, Guatemala

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