Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Telma celebrates her birthday!

Little Telma was overwhelmed with excitement and happiness when she received a bicycle for her birthday from her Madrina ( her sponsor).! This was totally unexpected and everyone here at Mayan Families shared in her happiness! Thank you so much to her sponsor for giving her such an unforgettable experience!

Telma's father abandoned the family 3 years ago and has not supported Telma, her  brother and their little sister.  The mother works very hard making tortillas in a store.  But they are renting and they pay $41 US per month in rent so most of the money goes to the rent.

Thanks to sponsorship that the children have they are able to attend school....without this help, they probably would not be in school.

Telma has never dreamed of getting a brand new bicycle is something that she knew her family could never afford.

But today she is all smiles and cannot believe her luck!

Happy Birthday Telma!

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