Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Books to San Jorge Jnr High in Guatemala!

Karen and Mack for the second year have brought down wonderful text books that they found in the schools in California. These books used to be part of a bi lingual program in California schools but once the program was stopped ....the books were put away in a store room and forgotten. Karen and Mack who spent a year in Guatemala as teachers in an International school realized the great value of these text books for Guatemalan schools. They worked very hard to get these books off Santa Catalina Island, ferried over, shipped to Guatemala. They had a lot of community support in this venture for which we are very, very grateful. Some of the text books were delivered to day to the Jnr. High school in San Jorge la Laguna. There are more books waiting to go to the Tierra Linda Jnr. High in the next few days. Thank you Karen and Mack for all your hard work in getting these books to the schools here in Guatemala! The students were so excited to receive them!

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