Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The circus is in town in Panajachel!

A flashy (for here!) circus has come to town from Mexico and it is a really big deal here!
I have to say that I hate animals in circus's but we went and looked at the tigers, horses and goats....yes.. goats, that they have and they are all in very good condition. 
I still would prefer not to support animals in circus but as anyone who has visited Panajachel knows that there is not a lot here for children and having the circus come to town is huge!
All the children are excited and we would love to be able to take all the pre-school children to the circus....they are giving us a special deal of $1.50 per ticket  which will also cover the teachers entrance as well. 
Tom Heaton from Mission Guatemala who we are partnering with for the San Andres pre-school is going to cover the 35 children from San Andres. 

I don't like to take one pre-school and not the others but we need help to pay for the tickets.

There are 44 children in the pre-school in Panajachel.  $66 US for the whole school to go to the circus.

There are 65 children in the pre-school and after school program in San Antonio .$97.50 for the whole school to go to the circus.

There are 35 children in San Jorge pre-school. $52.50 for the whole school.

There are 65 children in the Tierra Linda pre-school. $97.50 for the whole school to go to the circus.

Would anyone be interested in helping for the kids to have a fun excursion ?
The circus is only here, they say for two more days so we would have to be able to go tomorrow.
I know this is not as important as food or so many other needs we have and please forgive me for asking for help with this but I see how excited the children are and most families will not be able to take their children to the circus.
Sharon   These are some of the girls from San Antonio having a giggly moment!
To donate please go to this link.

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