Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mayan Families Elderly Care Program: Maria Felipa needs food

Maria Felipa needs food

Maria Felipa Coros is 75 years old and lives in a house in the hills above San Jorge. She has lived alone since her husband died roughly 30 years ago, and she has no family to assist her. To say that her house is hard to get to would be an understatement. The trek up the long dirt path, which is interrupted frequently by rocks and roots, is difficult for a healthy person; for Maria, who has trouble seeing and cannot wear real shoes, the walk is downright treacherous.  Because her home does not have running water, she must often make the hike with a container full of water from the communal water source.

Mayan Families' generous donors have already provided Maria with a stove, bed and water filter, but because she cannot work and has no family support her, her stove is usually empty.  She rarely eats more than what is provided by Mayan Families--she usually saves one or two tortillas from lunch to serve as both dinner and the next day's breakfast. 

Maria's feet, which cause her so much pain that she can't
wear any shoes, save these plastic sandals.

To help make Maria's breakfasts and dinners more substantial, you can give a one time or a monthly food donation.  To make a one-time donation, go to Donate Now--enter your donation in the "Other" box, and enter "A30" in the details section. You can also set up an automatic monthly gift in order to give Maria the stability of a regular food donation.  To do so, go to Donate Monthly, and enter "A30" as the family name.

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