Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lucia from Chichicastenango.

Lucia is a tiny woman who comes from Chichicastenango. She walks the streets of Panajachel selling goods to tourists. She carries her baby on her back. Lucia is a single mother, when we first met her she was very exhausted, the baby was malnourished. We have been supplying her with food and vitamin tablets. The baby is looking so much better and so is Lucia. She is a very shy woman and it has been a real joy to get to know her.

We are hoping that a someone may like to sponsor Lucia and her little boy for a regular amount of food monthly. Then at least once a month she would have a regular amount of food to take home.

Any amount will help Lucia. If you would like to give Lucia a Tamale basket for Christmas, she would be so thrilled.
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  1. We met Lucia and her son for the first time this past summer at Mayan Families. She is a tiny, tiny woman. We would see Lucia from our balcony overlooking the main street. She would walk up and down the main street many, many times per day with her baby on her back and balancing items for sale on the top of her head. Lucia was always so excited to see us, greeting us with big smiles and hand waving. My daughters purchased a few bracelets from her. On one particular day, my 11 year old daughter, Madison, walked up and down the main street
    until she found Lucia. She then gave Lucia a lunch we had purchased and prepared for her.
    Thank you for sharing photos of Lucia and her son. I can't get over how healthy and big her little boy looks now.
    Merrill Preiss and Family