Sunday, December 13, 2009

Melvin now has a table and chairs!

Melvin is 4yrs old and he attends the Mayan Families pre-school in San Jorge la Laguna, Solola , Guatemala.

His father, Vincente 27yrs old and his mother, Clarissa 23yrs old , also have another small baby. Melvin has a severe ear infection and the family has been spending $40 US a month on medications to cure him.
The father only earns $33 US a month so they do not have a lot left over to cover all their household expenses.

They live in two rooms that have a dirt floor.
Until they received this wonderful gift of a table and chairs from Melvin's sponsor , they have been sitting on the floor, on a woven straw mat, or pieces of broken cement block.

Having a table and chairs is a gift that is going to make their lives so much more comfortable.

We purchase all tables, chairs, closets and beds from the market. These goods are made at home in small cottage industries and usually, carried to the market on the backs of the men who have made them.
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