Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Report Card time!

Its report card time and our students are all bringing in their report cards with their final grades for the end of the year. School in Guatemala starts mid January and finishes mid October.

The students bring in a copy of their report cards and write a letter to their sponsor. These letters, drawings and report cards are carried to the U.S. by volunteers who send them out to the sponsors.

It is a big thrill for the sponsors to receive these letters but it is a bigger thrill for the children to be sponsored to go to school.

We have many, many children waiting and hoping to be sponsored this coming year.
To send a child to elementary school for one year is $150US.
To Jnr. High it is $350 US and to High School it is $450 US. We have some students who are making it to University, it is difficult for many Mayan children to make it so far, but if they do, then we want to help them. It is approx. $1,200 US to send a student to University per year.

If you would like to sponsor a child for the coming year or if you would like to give the gift of sponsorship to a special person this year, please go to our website, www.mayanfamilies.org and go to the school sponorship section. You will find many children there waiting.

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