Friday, May 21, 2010

Ana Culan and family in desperate need in Guatemala.

Ana and her family live in one of the worst "houses" I have ever seen. It is not a house , it is a real hovel. I have seen chicken sheds that are in better conditon than this house.
The day we were there the two little children were sleeping on the wire frame of a mattress. There was no mattress, nothing to soften the wire between their skin. When it rains, the rain is pouring into this house. The mother told me that the father got up at night and covered the children with blankets but they were dripping wet in a very short time.
My heart breaks thinking of these children knowing that they are sleeping on wire mattresses and covered in wet blankets at night. There are only two "beds" for this family....the rest are sleeping on the muddy dirt floor.
The mother owns the land. We need just $4,500 US and we can build them a new, safe, warm house. If you know of anyone who would like to help this family, please do not hesitate. The rainy season is here and these children will really be suffering.
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