Mayan Families Dia de la Madre - Mothers Day Food Baskets
It is Mothers Day and we would like to celebrate Dia de la Madre in Guatemala by giving as many mothers as possible a basket of food to share with their families.

In Guatemala a Mothers work is never done. When they are pregnant they very rarely can afford to see a doctor, when they give birth, it is often at home with an untrained midwife, they usually have more pregnancies than their bodies can cope with.

Daily, they often carry either water on their heads or heavy loads of firewood on their backs, walking for long distances, often with a swaddled baby on their bodies and another small child or two by their side. Once home, they chop wood, cook over an open fire, make tortillas by hand while attending to their families needs.
At the end of a long day, going to bed often means sleeping on a woven straw mat on a dirt floor without having had enough food to feed their children or themselves.

This Mothers Day we would like to make life a little happier for them. Let's support these impoverished Women and their families by donating a Dia de la Madre Food Basket to them.
For $35 you can give a Mothers Day Food Basket and feed a family of 10 or more.
Please consider giving a food basket to a hungry family to share in Semana Santa.

This food basket will include:
A chicken.
Incaparina - a fortified cereal.
Oatmeal - to make the customary drink of "mosh."
black beans
(All in a large, re-usable plastic basket that has many uses in a Guatemalan household)
*Some food items may be substituted due to availability.
Your food basket donation may make the difference between hunger and a joyous celebration. Any donation you can send will help to relieve the crushing poverty that these children and families endure.
You can donate a basket to the mother of your sponsored family or if you wish, you can donate a basket of food to a needy family ...please make your donation on-line at the Mayan Families Web site, a simple and safe way to donate.

Please follow this link and send your donation of $35 using the Family Aid section and note on it that it is for a Mothers Day Basket. If you would like to nominate a special family or a sponsored student to receive your basket please do so here and include the name or student number.

The mothers in Guatemala need all the help they can get to feed their children and families. Please help them now!

If you would like to pay by check please send your donation made out to Mayan Families to:
Mayan Families
P.O. Box 52
Claremont, N.C. 28610

If you would like to give this gift in Honor of someone special, please send us an email at
giving us the details and we will put them on our IN HONOR OF web page.....if you would like to include a photo of your "someone special" we will also post their have an e-mail sent to the person you are honoring - please send us their email address.

Best wishes and Happy Mothers Day,
Sharon Smart-Poage

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