Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flooding and Frogs for Elvia (#653) and Daniela (#654)

The family desperately needs 10 more tin sheets before the rainy season starts. The sheets are needed for the walls. There is so much rain coming in from underneath that even frogs are coming in to the house. To fill in the house and secure it they would need about $200.

One of the children's fathers has returned to the family in 2010, but is talking about leaving because he can't find work in Patulul. His parents have loaned the family the shelter in which they're living now, sharing a wall with Josue's uncle's family.

Elvia (b.18-Sept-2000) is in second grade in 2010

She lives in the coastal town of Patulul. She lives with her mother, Dora 27 yrs old. Dora is a single mother. Elvia has one sister, Daniela Marisol (student #654)(b.15-Jun-2003) old and two brothers, Ruben(26-Aug-2006). Josue (4-Feb-2010). All children have different fathers who abandoned the motherwhen she was pregnant.

Dora works washing clothes by hand and ironing, or making tortillas to sell. She earns $2.US per day, but less with the price of corn rising. She does not get work every day.

The house is made of tin sheeting.

She has one room. They sleep and cook in this room.

The floor is dirt.

She has water ($3) and electricity connected ($9) and pays separately.

They now have an onil stove donated in 2009.

They have two beds.

They have 1 closet. They keep the rest that doesn't fit in a canvas bag.

They do not have enough blankets or sheets.

They have a water filter donated by Mayan Families, in 2008.

They have a pila, but it is broken, and leaks.

Their main diet is soup, beans rice and pasta. They often do not have enough to eat. The baby has a problem with allergies, he often has rashes. The baby is also very malnourished, and often had diarrhea.

The children do not have enough clothes or shoes.

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