Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Baskets in Guatemala.

Packing and distributing over 400 baskets for Mother's Day as gifts to needy families in Guatemala.
It takes a lot of work to pack these baskets, distribute them and take the photos.
All the children come and write thank you letters to their sponsors for receiving these baskets.
We also try to update our information on sponsored students at the same time, regarding birthdates etc.
We started very early in the morning....a huge truckload of carrots were delivered and and a human chain set up to toss all the 450 watermelons into their packing area.
Around we started giving out the baskets.
Every sponsored student who has received a basket is on a list. We then also have a list for general baskets and assign these to the families who need them most.

We always have a huge line of people waiting outside and hoping that they too will be able to receive a basket. Some women wait from until 8pm. at night when we closed. Sometimes we are fortunate and we have more baskets to give out and like this Mother's Day we were able to give 30 extra baskets out to women who had waited all day in hopes of getting a basket of food to feed their families. We were very fortunate to have three great volunteers here to help us, Linda and Barbara from Kansas and Michael from Florida. Linda and Barbara are here for two weeks and have been a great help. Michael has been here nearly three months and has done so many fantastic things to help the people here.
Thank you to everyone who was able to donate to make this possible.

Michael, Barbara and Linda hard at work.
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