Monday, May 17, 2010

High School Students Doing Public Service #1

ICI Seminar Project #1 "Winsy's Group"
Seven graduating high school students from the Information Computer Institute (ICI) came to us asking for help with their seminar project. These students (Juan Carlos, Estela, Eder, Lucrecia, Claudia, Winsy, and Cesar) are going to graduate this year with a degree in business administration, and they have chosen to build a little school store for a neighboring public school, out of recycled materials, namely “ecoblocks.”

The elementary and junior high students of the school will work to collect thousands of plastic bottles and cram them full of washed and recycled plastic trash, such as chips bags and water bags. These blocks have been proven to be structurally sound, and are a great visual reminder of the students of the value of recycling.

But to do so they still need help of some building materials, and they came to us for help. If any of you would like to donate even a part, we will buy the building materials these students need. They will have to have the building completed by August when they graduate, and we’ll send you a photo. They need tin sheeting, wood beams, wire mesh, nails, wire, wood for the doors, cement, and sand, totaling $404.81, all described in their carefully planned budget. The high school students are providing the labor, and the elementary students are in charge of collecting, stuffing, and assembling the “ecoblocks.”
In the end the neighborhood school will benefit from a neat school store for generations. The students will benefit from this lesson in their own creative capacity to use recycled materials. And we all benefit from over a thousand bottles and tons less trash in Lake Atitlan.

Please donate anything you can to Seminar Project "Winsy's Group." Every single bit of wire mesh, or extra nail, helps them bring their plan to fruition.

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