Friday, May 21, 2010

Soccer uniforms needed in Guatemala!

The Mayan Families Kids and Teens Sports program is going great. There are now more than 700 children signed up who are hoping to play sports.
Today the Mayor has asked the teams to participate in a parade here in Panajachel which will be starting off "Sports Week" and there will be lots of games being played every day.
We are happy to say, thanks to the donations that we have received that we are able to put 200 children in sports uniforms today!!!
Yesterday, Robin, the co-ordinator of the program received the box that came in the Zuleta shipment this week. There were lots of great sports shirts, some shin guards and the much needed soccer shoes!!
If you have any soccer, basketball or baseball equipment we are in desperate need of it and would love to have it. Maybe your sports teams is retiring their sports uniforms this year....please think about collecting them and sending them to the children here who do not have access to uniforms or sports equipment. We desperately need soccer shoes in all sizes.
Thank you so much for your help.
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