Friday, May 14, 2010

Housewarming with the Reyes!

The Reyes Family has a bigger home! Thanks to a loving anonymous donation, this large and ever-growing family now has a little more room. Before the donation, the 11 children (3 mos to 18 years) and parents were all sleeping in one bed together. This one room was the entirety of their house.

The Reyes generously invited, Mayan Families to celebrate their new home, which is now 3 rooms, all secure, wired with electricity, and ready to shelter them for the oncoming rainy season.

Barbara, a generous volunteer from Kansas City whose church is also contributing to a new home for a neighboring family, shared in this event. Mr. Reyes was very happy to host Gloria and Julio, our managers, Susie, Barbara, myself-Ely, and Juan the Construction Manager responsible for this great work. We feasted to our hearts content, and enjoyed the view from his porch in San Jorge. The Reyes family was sad that Sharon was ill and could not come, but sent home samples of the great food for Sharon, her family, and the rest of the staff.

Mr. Reyes works as a day laborer. He earns $26 US per week. He was so happy and proud to open up his home to us.

Afterwards, all the children crowded in for the pictures! Lorena (#1248) is 13yrs old. She is in 3rd grade in 2010. Gloria is 18yrs old. Jose is 15yrs old. He is 5th grade in 2010. Susie Yolanda (#1249) is 12yrs old. In 2010 she is in 3rd grade. (Lorena and Susie are both sponsored by Bonnie). Julio is 9yrs old. In 2010 he is in 2nd grade. Olga Floridalma (#1227) is 7yrs old. Manuel (student #1183) is 5yrs old and in 2010 he will be going to kindergarten. Ester Nohemi (#1184) is 3yrs old. She is in the pre-school in San Jorge. Rosa is 2yrs old. And the baby is 3 months old.

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