Monday, May 17, 2010

High School Students Doing Public Service #2

"Eliezer's Group" - ICI Service Project
As you know, Guatemalan high schools require a seminar project for their students to graduate. A group of students graduating with degrees in Administration, Accounting, and general studies came to us with their ambitions of building 4 new classrooms for the local preschool in Panajachel, called the "Capulin."

They plan on doing this using predominantly recycled materials, and making "ecoblocks" out of recycled plastic bottles and trash. Everyone is chipping in, including these high school students.

They need the following materials to make it happen:
22 tin sheets 12 '
19 tin sheets 8'
25 lbs of galvanized wire(#14)
35 qq of calcium carbonate (for stucco covering)
35 qq cement
13 m sand from the river
11 tubes 4"
100 blocks 10x20x40.

Any thing you can donate to help will go directly to help them gather the materials. They're putting in hard labor to make it happen, but they can't do it alone. As you can see, they have already started working in the river to get sand that will be used in the mix for the stucco and filling that will go on the outside of the walls. They have given us a detailed budget that asks for $713 per classroom. --Quite a bargain for the number of people each dollar will serve for years to come.

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