Friday, May 7, 2010

Kids and Teens Sports Club Joins Mayan Families

This week the Kids & Teens Sports Club (Club Niñez Y Juventud) became an integral part of Mayan Families, a registered 501 c.3. Non Profit operating in the Mayan Highlands of Guatemala.

Adding the sports program will help Mayan Families expand it's wide range of programs to help Indigenous communities in Guatemala.

Mayan Families Kids & Teens Sports Club provides a free sports program for 645 vulnerable and poverty stricken children and at risk youth in Panajachel, Guatemala, working in cooperation with parents, schools, the business community and the National Sports Confederation of Guatemala. The Club serves children and youth from 5 to 18yrs, primarily indigenous Maya, but open to all who have no other access to sports and recreation. The children learn teamwork, increase their self esteem, get physically fit and make sports a healthy habit that brings joy and pride into an otherwise drab existence. This is a positive and healthy alternative to just hanging out on the streets.

Mayan Families Kids & Teens Sports Club helps promote good character and moral values in the children we serve.
We strive to show them positive alternatives to drugs including alcohol, gangs and violence.

The program includes Soccer, Basketball, Swimming plus Track & Field for boys and girls. Children are coached by volunteer adults and peer coaches. Educational standards must be maintained for participation. Recreation is critical to improve self esteem, learn to play by the rules, work within a team structure possibly for the first time in their lives, improve physical fitness and reduce the stresses of crushing poverty. They get to play, laugh and smile!
The program exists to bring joy and fun to children, who, without this program, would have little to look forward to in their lives.

If you would like to make a donation to the Mayan Families Kids & Teens Sports Club please click on the link below and choose General Donation.
Play ball!
Thank you very much!

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