Tuesday, March 22, 2011

El Barranco pre-school feeding program students.

The El Barranco Pre-school and feeding program is getting ready to open its doors.
We have a wonderful location and we have all these beautiful kids wanting to attend.
We need sponsorship for them and if you know someone who would like to sponsor a child for the small amount of $180 US per year, which will entitle them to come to the pre-school five days a week, eat breakfast, brush their teeth, have a vitamin tablet and have a healthy snack...while at the same time being given a head start from a qualified teacher....please have them contact us. We need sponsors to help these children.

We have 30 children who are registered to attend...these are children from very poor families, many of them sleeping on straw mats on dirt floors, their mothers cooking over open fires on the ground.
These children know what it is like to go to bed hungry........ it is just a small amount of money that will greatly improve their health and their well being for years to come.

To sponsor a child...go to our website at www.mayanfamilies.org or write to sharon@mayanfamilies.org

This pre-school in El Barranco is being put together with the help of several people who love this rural community but we need your help to keep on going with it.

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