Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The bridge from San Andres to Panajachel, Guatemala.

The bridge on the back road from San Andres to Panajachel is having a lot of problems.
The small bridge has collapsed and it is making it very dangerous and slow to cross over it.
The govt. is building a new bridge to go across but in the meantime, pick ups full of people coming down from San Andres and other villages, now pull up on one side, the people walk across the bridge and then take another waiting pick up down to Panajachel.

The recent rains. while very welcome for the crops has not been so good for the bridge.
A small earthquake and now landslides of mud have caused this damage.

We hope the new bridge will be built soon!

In the meantime, most people are choosing to come along the Pan American Highway through Solola.

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