Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sara gets help !

Sara who is a single mother of a mentally disabled adult daughter was thrilled to receive a refrigerator to be able to start her own business at home. Sara's new home is right next to a school and she is going to start a business selling cold drinks, ice creams, choco bananas. This little business will give Sara some money to support herself and her daughter.

We wish Sara the best of luck in her new business!

Sara also broke both wrists several years ago. She has a lot of washing because her daughter wears diapers. Sara has learned to wash the clothes with her feet but it is difficult for her.
Sara has had a second hand washing machine donated to her and a year's supply of electricity so that she will be able to start her business and get ahead a little. This washing machine should make life much easier for Sara.

Mayan Families delivered and installed these two life changing pieces of equipment for Sara today.

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