Friday, September 11, 2009

"Caritas Sonadoras" proud march in Panajachel.

Today, the littlest children marched in parades to celebrate Guatemalan Independence Day on Sept. 15th.
Our little pre-school in Panajachel participated. The children were so excited with their "uniforms". We bought the girls new cortes and Alberto , the sewing teacher made them blusas ( blouses) , they had hand embroidered belts with blue flowers on them and blue ribbons in their hair. The boys had blue polo shirts, dark jeans, and a black baseball cap.

The girls were so excited about their traditional clothing. Most of them have never had a traditional outfit because they could not afford it. One little girl when she tried on her outfit yesterday refused to take it off!
It was wonderful to see the pride that the parents had in their children. They were so happy with the outfits that they received.

The children carried blue and white balloons representing the flag of Guatemala.

It was a long walk but they all made it.! At the end there was cold drinks and ice cream.!

Lidia , a Mayan Families employee who helps out at the pre-school also was in the parade.
Lidia is the daughter of a single mother, there are several other children in the family. This was the first new corte ( skirt) she has ever had. She is with Maria who is so excited to have new clothes and new shoes!

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  1. They all look gorgeous and so proud!