Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Independence Day in Guatemala!

The parades were long and full of enthusiasm today. Lots of our sponsored children were in these parades and were excited and waving to us from the parade! Lots of them were wearing their brand new shoes!
The parades started early but the celebrations started the night before.
At 6p.m. till almost midnight the school bands were marching and performing. At midnight, the streets were alive with music and noise as lots of pick ups, tuk tuks , motor scooters and bicycles accompanied the torch from Guatemala City to Panajachel. There were balloons and streamers, noisemakers of all kinds and lots of fireworks and explosions.!

To see other photos of the parade please go to the link below.
http://picasaweb. google.com/ mayanfamilies/ Sept15Independen ceDayParade? authkey=Gv1sRgCM ugtobJieqxrgE#
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  1. wow i love those pictures =) where did you take the 3rd picture ?