Friday, August 6, 2010

High School Students Build with Eco-Blocks

As many Mayan Families donors are aware, Mayan Families collaborated with the work of graduating high school students building a new classroom for their community service project.

"Winsy's group" inaugurated the construction of their classroom today at the Panajachel public school. Yesterday "Eliezar's group" inaugurated their classrooms at the Panajachel public preschool and kindergarten facility.

The building was absolutely beautiful, and all the elementary kids wanted inside!


These high school students spoke of their personal sacrifice in getting it this building accomplished. They had to sift, bag and carry sand from the river bed, themselves to help make the cement for the foundation. Talk about sweat equity.

And they went all around town selling hamburgers to raise money for other building expenses. In the end it would have been completely impossible without the help from Mayan Families and 10 other donors in town who pitched in for extra building supplies.


The Institute of Information Technology and Computers spoke on and on of the generosity of Mayan Families. Mayan Families was given a certificate of appreciation.

The Institute was so grateful for the donors of Mayan Families, and Sharon, for having a history of coming to the rescue, such as for 10 typewriters donated when they needed it most.


Although the building project was originally designed to be a school store, it was just too good. The principal saw the school needs were more urgent for a classroom. The school houses 300 elementary students in the morning, and junior high and high school students in the afternoon. So on Monday, 20 delighted kindergarteners will move from their old narrow, long wooden shelter, to this permanent eco-block classroom.

What a great testament to recycling! A small part of the building leaves a visual reminder of how the parents and each student had to bring in the cleaned trash-stuffed plastic bottles daily to make it all possible.

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