Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Orphaned family in Solola, Guatemala.

Mayan Families Canada bought beds for the two young boys who have recently lost their father in a bus accident.
The two boys, Ricardo and Victor, and their sister, Juana Estela had lost their mother approx. 16 months ago. They are now being cared for by two aunts and an uncle who are living in the house with them. The family was unable to keep the children and had told us that they would have to find someone who would be willing to take them. The family is very poor and they could not afford to feed three more children. Mayan Families offered to sponsor the children to go to school and to find people who would be willing to help with the food so that this family can stay together. The aunts and uncles were very happy to have the children remain with the family if they had help to support them. So far we are delivering food to the family every two weeks. Thanks to Mayan Families Canada for buying this generous amount of food for the family.

The little girl had already received her own bed and now the two boys each have their own beds thanks to the kindness and generosity of Mayan Families Canada. They also bought blankets and sheets for them.
We still need more sponsors who would be willing to commit to sending a little money each month to help out this family. If you can help, even just once, it would really help us keep this family together. To donate please go to this link.

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