Thursday, August 19, 2010

Little Silvia.

Hi friends,
I pinched a nerve in my back and have been out of action for the past few days.
I want to thank you all so much for your kindness and consideration for Silvia's family.
I called Susie when she was at the home waiting for the coffin to be delivered. She and Gloria were very upset, the family was devastated of course, and all the children crying. Gloria was upset to see blood coming from the little girl's nose and was worried for the siblings to see this. This family is very poor but they gave everything that they could for treatment for their daughter. The father lost his job and they do not have an income right now. So the money that you sent them will not only pay for the funeral but will also be enough to give them food this week . Hopefully, the father will find a job quickly.
Gloria told me that the little girl passed away on the public bus coming back from the hospital in Xela. I cannot imagine what an awful situation that was.To be on a public bus with a lot of strangers and have your precious child pass away.
Gloria was also concerned where the children would sleep the night of the funeral.
They had only one room and one bed and that was where the viewing would be held.
We hope that we will be able to give this family a stove this week. We have had a few donated and hope that this family will be able to have one in their rented home.

Yesterday we also had the very sad news that the father of two of our sponsored students was found dead at the local market. Elisa 10yrs old and her sister, Lesly 16yrs old have been living with their grandparents. Their mother died a few months ago of uterine cancer. Their father was an alcoholic and since the death of his wife, his drinking had increased. Elisa and Lesly do not have a bed nor a stove .
We are hoping that we can help them with a donated stove this week as well.
Thankfully, Lesly and Elisa are sponsored to go to school. This gives them a sense of security for their future. Without sponsorship, these girls would not be able to go to school. I want to thank you all for the help you give the families here. Many of them would not be able to stay together without the help you send.
Thank you for all you do.

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