Thursday, August 26, 2010

Melvin celebrates his birthday in style!

Melvin lives in San Jorge la Laguna. He had his birthday this month and he turned 5 yrs old.
Melvin attends the Mayan Families San Jorge pre-school.
His family is very poor and they were finding it very hard to have enough food for the family. Fortunately for Melvin and his family, his wonderful sponsors have provided the family with food. They have also very positively affected the family's life. Before they did not have a water filter nor did they have a table and chairs. The family sat on the dirt floor either on a woven straw mat or on broken cement blocks. Thanks to their sponsors they now have a table and chairs, a water filter that gives them clean drinking water daily. They have sponsored Melvin to go to school. As a very special treat this year for his birthday Melvin received a birthday cake and a Hope Chest. These Hope chests were designed by volunteer builder, Michael. Michael has visited many homes in Guatemala and was always saddened by the fact that there were often no beds, no tables, no chairs and no where to keep clothes and possessions. Michael taught several of the Mayan Families youth how to build these boxes and now we are able to make them available for sponsors who would like to give this multi purpose gift to a student. The box comes with a covered sponge mattress which can be placed on the top and used as a bed. The Hope Chests cost $80 US.
This was a birthday that Melvin will not forget!
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