Friday, August 6, 2010

Opening ceremony in Escuela Tzala. Guatemala.

A little while ago we asked for help for the graduating students to be able to finish the project that had been assigned to them. It is customary in Guatemala that students graduating from High school have to do a project that benefits the community. There are plenty of suggestions but very little money so these projects can be very difficult for the students to accomplish. These students wanted to build a store for the school. They wanted to build an ecologically sound store.
They wanted to build it from plastic bottles that would be filled with clean trash. They took a course in doing this and were ready to start.
They came to Mayan Families for help and we turned to our supporters. We have the absolutely best supporters ....they came through for these students and were able to give them enough building materials to get this project done.
Today was the opening ceremony of the store. It was a very big deal for these students and it was a very serious opening ceremony.
Ely from Mayan Families who has been behind this project since it started was invited to the opening. She gave a great speech, I am sure!

The group presented Ely with this very lovely diploma expressing their gratitude.
We were glad to be able to help and wish these students the best for their futures.
If you would like to see more photos ...please go to this link .
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