Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chuitanimit. ..a community in need.

Chuitanimit is a small community with a lot of needs. The basically have nothing.
This is a community that lost their land due to the mudslides earlier this year.
They have been relocated to a piece of land and have been provided Shelterboxes to live in.

Shelterboxes are a wonderful tent that can fit probably 10 people sleeping in them. They are meant for emergency situations but not for long term living.
These families already came from a very poor community. All they had was the homes that they lived they have lost those and they are trying to rebuild their lives.
The Guatemalan govt. has said that they will purchase land for them and they will build houses.
In the long run, they probably will do this but it could take a long, long time to complete. In the meantime, the families live in these tents. Quite often extended families living in one tent....they were given thin sponge mattresses to sleep on but in this cold weather , it is not sufficient. Already two children have been taken to hospital with pnuemonia. The weather is very cold at night in the highlands. The families need mattresses to sleep on.
Beds will not fit in the tents but a double mattress will give at least 5-6 people a warm place to sleep.
A double mattress costs $45 US.....we need 25 of them to give to this community so that they can all have a warm place to sleep during this winter.

We would like to give them a tamale basket each that this community can celebrate Christmas. These baskets of food cost $35 US and will feed a family of ten. Please consider giving a gift to help this community.

These are the tents that the families are living in. Thank you Shelter box for providing these. Before they got the tents they were sleeping under pieces of plastic sheeting.

A community bathroom. There are 100 plus people living in this community. There are 57 children.

If you can possibly help one of these families to have a mattress to sleep on and/or a basket of food, you would be making a huge difference in their lives.
To make a donation please go to this link.
and make your donation through Community Aid...please specify that it is for  Chuitanimit.
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