Friday, December 31, 2010

Students in the Mayan Families Aid Program Who Still Need Sponsors

Hi Everyone,

Many of Mayan Families Family Aid students were fortunate to receive student sponsorship for the upcoming January School year but here are a couple more students in Mayan Families Family Aid Program that are really hoping to be able to go to school this year.

FA65 Laura # 1580
Laura is 8 years old. She is the youngest of six, and she has four siblings in the program (Cristina #1577; Roberto #1576; Juliana is #1578; Celestina is #1579). Laura is the only one of her siblings in the Student Sponsorship who still needs sponsorship.

Marcela Pocop and Laura's mother is standing firmly behind her children; she knows how important an education is to their future, and she's going to make sure they can go to school the only way they can afford--on scholarships--whether her husband likes it or not.
To read Laura's family story, please visit.

If you would like to sponsor Laura, please visit her student sponsorship page at:

FA61 Wagner #1582 who is in the Family Aid Program also needs a sponsor for the January 2011 school year.
Wagner is 11 years old. He is in 5th grade in 2011. Wagner's family is in the Family Aid program. Their number is FA61.
Wagner lives in San Jorge with his mother, Teresa 35yrs old. His 36 year old father Jose passed away in early summer of 2010.

Wagner has two brothers and three sisters. The 4 of Wagner's siblings that are in the student sponsorship program have found sponsors but Wagner is still hopeful that he will be sponsored to go to school before school starts in January as well.
Please spread the word to help Wagner find his sponsor.

If you would like to sponsor Wagner or read his story please visit:

Thanks for spreading the word to help these children find sponsorship.

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