Friday, December 31, 2010

Spreading the word!

Spreading the word really does help give these children a better chance at life for a better future. You never know whose heart they may touch.

Thank you for spreading the word to help Laura.

There are so many children hoping for a chance to go to school and so many parents that want the best for their children who are hoping for someone to help them give their children a better future that they themselves never were able to have.

School is starting very soon and we need to spread the word quickly so these students have a chance to go to school when school starts.

There are about 110 hopeful students listed on the Mayan Families sign in website who still don't have sponsors to attend school in January 2011.

I have them all linked at the top of the Mayan Families Connection Guatemala Blog at:

If you click the above link, you do not have to sign in to view these students direct student pages.
The Mayan Familie website only has room to show a few of the children at a time without having to sign in to see them.

Please spread the word for these children and post the above link on your blogs and websites, facebook, etc so that as many children can be sponsored as possible.

If we all rally for them, we can make miracles happen for these children before the start of the January school year.


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