Friday, December 24, 2010

Warm beds for Chuitanimit

Thanks to the generous donations that we received all 23 families in Chuitanimit received mattresses and a blanket each. They now have a very warm place to sleep and as you can see from the smiles, they are very happy about this.
This small community was displaced during Tropical Storm Agatha. Their land and homes were deemed to be in great risk and they had to sign papers saying that they would not return to this area to live. They are now waiting for the help that the govt. promised, that they would buy land and would be able to build a house each upon it. But it looks like they may be living in these tents for at least the next 1-2years. The area where they are now will be absolutely miserable when the rains come. It will be very muddy and there are some tents that are very near a steep embankment....this will be very challenging in the wet season.

Previously these families were sleeping on thin pieces of foam on the tent floor. It is cold in the Highlands and it had to be very uncomfortable. There were already two children who had been taken to the hospital with pnuemonia. Thanks to the wonderful people who made it possible for these families to now be able to sleep in warmth and comfort.
What a great Christmas gift for them!
To see more photos ....please go to this link   
You have to scroll down to the end of the photos to see the Chuitanimit mattresses being delivered.

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