Monday, December 27, 2010

Poem to Mayan Families..thank you Bonnie!

With all the activity and dedication that Mayan Families and their staff are doing,
I thought that this is a great time to repost my dedication poem to them I wrote in 2007.
I will also post it on  the Mayan Families Connection Blog.
Feel free to share it if you wish.
Thank you to Mayan Families for all they do to help so many people in need.
My Friend Mayan Families
We are a poor and lonely Family who lives far away.
We struggle just to live each and every day.

My children are all hungry and there is no food for them to eat.
Their clothes are all dirty and I have no shoes to put on their feet.
We are barely surviving in our one room run down shack.
There's no glass on the windows or no door on the back.
Our shack is kind of dirty because there is no floor.
But I sweep it every day and throw the dirt out the door.
The roof is very leaky when the wind and rain come down.
The muddy floor is slippery when we try to walk around.
 We sleep on a mat that lays on the cold dirt floor.
We have no money to buy a bed at the store.
There's no kitchen stove to cook on or no food in a sack.
There is no work any where and it's money that we lack.
The water is to dirty for the children to drink.
I can not wash the dishes because there is no sink.
My children are all hungry and they have no where to play.
Life continues like this each and every day.
We are a poor and lonely Family but no one even cares.
They walk right past us and only give us stares.
The only clothes we have are ragged on our back.
My husband died last year of a heart attack.
We live up in the mountains where it gets real cold at night.
And the stars up in the heavens are our only light.
We are a poor and lonely Family struggling to survive.
When tomorrow comes along we may not be alive.
I know you are all busy, but can you hear my plea?
I am sick and very dizzy with no one to help me.
So if you're really out there, and you really care,
Will you please come and help me so no one has to stare?
I kept right on hoping that some one would hear my pleas.
And then one day some one came to visit, called Mayan Families.
They brought some food for us to eat.
And gave us shoes for on our feet.
They gave us warm clothes because it gets so cool.
They even sent my children to learn to read at school.
They took me to the doctor to get the medicine I need.
 They gave me a pair of glasses so I can see to bead.
They gave me a filter to clean the water that we drink.
And now I have water in a huge three section sink.
The fire that I cooked on burned in my eyes and made them sore.
 But I now have an Onil stove that isn't smoky any more.
They gave our house a new roof to keep out all the rain.
And on our cold windows they put some window pane.
They gave us a new bed and blankets to keep us warm at night.
 And they connected electricity so we could have some light.
The floor is no longer muddy because they gave us cement, you see.
Mayan Families is so special because they did this all for me.
So when you come passing by, there is no need to stare.
I now have a very special friend that does really care.
I know that they will be back to check on me in a little while.
Because when they left they gave me a hug and a great big smile.
So Thank You Mayan Families from the bottom of my heart.
You got us back up on our feet and gave us a brand new start.
Copyright 2007

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