Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hashlyn has hepatitis and kidney problems.

 Young Girl Suffering from Kidney Problems and Hepatitis Hashlyn and her mother. Hashlyn Andrades is only 7 years old, but she is suffering from a medical crisis. She began exhibiting signs of kidney failure about a week ago; she had blood in her urine, and had actually begun turning yellow. Her mother took her to see a doctor, where they found out that not only are Hashlyn’s kidneys not working properly, she also has Hepatitis.
Hashlyn has been given some medications, but her mother worries that the family cannot afford to continue paying for treatment. Hashlyn’s father only completed third grade, and currently works as a waiter, earning only Q800 (~$100) a month. Her mother, who only completed second grade, does not work. The family has six kids in total, and they are struggling just to pay for food, let alone medicine for a kidney problem and Hepatitis. We still aren’t sure exactly how expensive Hashlyn’s treatment will be yet, but a donation of any amount would help us make sure Hashlyn gets the help she needs as quickly as possible. To make a donation to Hashlyn, go to the Donate Now page, enter in your donation in the Family Aid box, and enter “FA69” in the Family Name box.  Your donation will go a long way in easing this young girl’s pain and the worries of her mother.

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