Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thank you Avalon Rotary Club, Catalina Island, California!

We want to sincerely thank the Avalon Rotary Club on Catalina Island, California for the wonderful donation to help ship books to Guatemala.
We are very grateful to Karen  and Mac MacKay, who have worked so hard to collect books for the schools in Guatemala.   Karen and Mac are retired school teachers who came to Guatemala, taught school here for a year and saw the tremendous need that the Guatemalan schools have. 
Most schools in the Highlands do not have a library, most schools here in the highlands have few, if any, books.
When Karen and Mac realized that there was a store room of Spanish books in schools in California that were not being used, they worked very hard to raise the funds to send these books to Guatemala.
Not only did they get a huge amount of books to the schools last year, but they flew down, spent weeks organizing the books and distributed them to schools.
They now have collected another huge amount of books for High Schools.
They will be shipping these books and will once again be coming down to help sort and donate.
They could not do this without the help that they have received from the Avalon Rotary Club.  
The McKays still need some help with shipping funds...if you can help, even a little, please go to the link below. again, thank you Avalon Rotary Club and thank you to Karen and Mac McKay!

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