Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sponsored students in danger of being evicted in Guatemala.

Delbin, thrilled with a gift from his sponsor earlier this year.
Mayan Families sponsored students Delbin Alejandro and Maria de Jesus live with their mother and siblings (the oldest are in their twenties, while the youngest is just 2) here in Panajachel.  His father died about two years ago, and the family is supported by the income that four of their siblings can scrape together.  Two of their brothers work mining sand in the river--a business that has been hit hard by this year's storms as well as the recession--and two of their sisters work as babysitters, earning about $25/month each.  These small and unsteady salaries are not enough to feed a family of 11, and it is very difficult to keep food on the table after paying $62.50 for the two rooms that house them.

Their grandmother had been helping the family a bit financially, but she passed away 7 months ago.  Recently, one of Delbin and Maria's older sisters moved home with her young baby after being abandoned by her husband, further straining the family's finances.  Today, Delbin and Maria's mother came to us to ask for help because she is behind on her rent, and her landlord will have no choice but to evict them at the end of the week if they cannot pay.  The owner of the house is very sorry to have to take this measure, and has even been helping the family by bringing them food when he can, but he is in debt himself, and needs the rent money to make his own payments.

We would like to ensure that Delbin, Maria, and their many siblings have a stable living situation. To do that, we are looking for a combination of one-time donations and monthly sponsorships to help them pay the two months of rent that they owe, and to help them with the cost of housing in the future.  Though the rent is $62.50, any amount of monthly help would be invaluable to the Ramirez Reynoso family.  In addition, one time donations towards the $125 that they owe would go a long way towards relieving the immediate crisis.

To make a one-time donation, go to Donate Now, and enter your gift in the box marked "Other".  In the "details" box, enter "FA70."  To sign up for a monthly sponsorship, go to Donate Monthly.  Enter the family name as "FA70", and the monthly amount.

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