Monday, December 20, 2010

Tamale Basket count for today.

Today we have 1,424 baskets to distribute!!!!!
We have been packing and distributing baskets since I write, the staff and several volunteers are there still packing baskets.....we have given out about 500 today and expect to give out more tomorrow.

It is nearly 8p.m. in Panajachel, it is cold and there are over a 100 people still standing in the street outside the gate who are hoping to get a basket. We have been making announcements all day that we do not have more baskets, only for the people with tickets but the people are so hopeful and in some cases , so desperate that they continue waiting.

As I left this evening there was a mother with a little girl about 4 yrs old, they had been waiting all day, the little girl was crying , her face was dirty and tear stained ....she had on only a t.shirt and shorts and it is cold, I told the mother , please take her home, we just do not have any more baskets to give out.....but as I got in the tuk tuk, I saw that she was still standing at the front door hoping to get a basket.
I wish that we had enough for all of them.....but we can only do what we can do....and I think it is a pretty amazing effort that today, thanks to all of you who have made so much effort ...that there will be a possible 14,240 people able to have more to eat this week. Thank you !!!!!!! and please tell your friends and is not too late.....we would love to have more baskets to pack!

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