Wednesday, December 1, 2010

School sponsorship needed to help family.

   A Family Recovering from a Mudslide Needs Help with School Costs 
The Pocop Cortez family. Pedro is on the left, and Victor is on the right. Pedro Youany Pocop Cortez is 17 years old, and will be going into diversificado this year. His brother, Victor Hugo is 15 years old, and will be going into his third year of básico. They lives with their mother, father, and 5 siblings in Panajachel. Both boys want to continue studying, but will not be able to afford to return to school this year without the help of a sponsorship. Their home was severely damaged by a mudslide during the past rainy season. The family was preparing for breakfast in their home when they heard the sound of mud hitting the roof and beginning to fill the house. They and their neighbors fled, and weren’t able to return for weeks, both because of damage and fears that the house was unsafe. In the meantime, they rented a small room in Barrio Norte with his uncle. Their father, Pedro, works as a construction contractor, earning Q450 a week when there is work. Their mother, Elena, has off-and-on work as a housecleaner. Both only have an elementary level education. The couple has been strongly committed to the education of their children, and all four of the school-aged children are currently studying. But the cost of cleaning and repairing their mud-damaged home, along with the cost of rent they had to pay while they waited, has put a huge financial strain on the family. They have since returned to their home, but don’t know how they will pay for the upcoming school year after the damage they have faced. Student scholarships for any of the children of this family would take a huge strain off, and ensure that the children are able to continue in school without having to drop out and look for work.  To sponsor Pedro or Victor, go to the Sponsor a Student page. Pedro is listed in the Diversificado section, and Victor is in the Básico section. The cost to sponsor Pedro is $480 ($40/month), and the cost for Victor is $380 ($31.67/month).

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