Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another family in need of food.

The father in this family has been ill with liver problems. He needs to take medication which is costs approx. $100 US per month. We were able to supply him one month of medication and this has helped him a little . Before that he was two months without his medication and he was bedridden and unable to get around.

His wife makes beaded jewelry but it is not enough money to be able to feed the family.

They have had 11 children, on child passed away. The eldest daughter is a single mother and is also finding it hard to feed herself and her baby.

There are 7 children still living at home. There is not enough food in the house to feed them all.
The day they came here asking for help, they had not eaten and had nothing to go home to.

Thanks to your kind donations to help with the food crisis here in Guatemala, we were able to send them home with corn to make tortillas and beans for protein. At least for the next few days the family will have something to eat.

The family is hoping that the children will be sponsored for the coming year to go to school otherwise it will be very hard for them to maintain the children in school.

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