Thursday, October 8, 2009

Children's Day Celebrations in Guatemala.

These are the photos of children enjoying the Children's Day Celebration at the Panajachel Pre-school.

Hula hoop competition!
Doing the Hokey Pokey!
Balloon popping competition!

Dancing with the stars!

These boys show their dance moves!
Luki, the teacher dressed up as a clown!

At the three Mayan Families pre-schools, the children celebrated Children's Day with chuchitos, which is a food for special is soft corn mixture with a piece of chicken or other meat in sauce inside the mixture. This is then wrapped in corn leaves and boiled. They are very delicious.

The children also had jello and horchata...a rice drink.
In Panajachel, the teacher, Luki, dressed up as a clown and played games with the children. They played "pass the parcel", do the "hokey pokey" and had a dancing competition
It was a lot of fun.
In Tierra Linda,the children at the pre-school joined all the children and families at the Tierra Linda school for a lunch, that Mayan Families, the school and families had contributed towards. We also distributed toothbrushes that had been donated.
In San Jorge la Laguna, the children had chuchitos, horchata and jello. The teacher, Clara played games with them, the Mayan Families staff took photos to show to the children, they all love that!
At each pre-school, the children received a bag of food, 10lbs of corn, 5lbs of beans, a bag of incaparina ( which is a very healthy, fortified cereal) and a bag of oatmeal.
Other years we have given pinatas, candy and had a clown but this year with the seriousness of the food shortage we decided that food was the best gift.Please go to this link to see some of the children receiving food at the Pana pre-school.

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