Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baby Josue.

This is baby Josue, he is 8 months old and he weighs 16lb.
He has the chance to have his cleft palate operation .
There is a medical group here from the U.S. The doctors are operating for free but the hospital is charging $206.US.
The family does not have the money to pay and they are desperate for their son to be operated.
The medical group is only here till next week.
The family tried to get a loan for this operation but they were refused.
If anyone would like to help Josue and his family pay for this operation, they would be incredibly grateful.

UPDATE ........Baby Josue and his family have received a donation and Josue will be operated on next week!! Thank you so much for this wonderful donation to help Josue. His family is so happy!

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  1. If the family is willing to wait until January, the team of doctors with Children of the Americas would be glad to do Josue's case for hospital fee, no doctor fee.