Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dona Felipa and Dona Mencha.

Dona Felipa and Dona Mencha are two elderly ladies who are in our Elder Feeding Program.
Five days a week they receive a hot lunch brought to their home by tuk tuk...which was kindly donated by Jo and Mac McKay.

We published photos recently of the bare boards that these ladies were sleeping on, they had no mattresses.

Caroline Tiffin and her family donated a mattress and blankets to each to these women in honor of her 84yr old mother.

Can you imagine how luxurious it must have been for them last night to get into bed on such a soft, warm bed rather than hard planks ?!!

Having a mattress is such a small thing that we take for granted but it will make a huge difference in their lives!

To donate a bed is $160 US.
For just a mattress is $45 US.

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