Tuesday, October 13, 2009

San Jorge school in Guatemala.

Thanks to several very kind and generous donations the first classroom and stair case has been built and now the second floor of the classroom in San Jorge is under construction.

The children are currently in classrooms made of tin sheeting, there is not enough space, there is not enough light or ventilation.

It is hard enough for teachers to be able to teach children without enough school supplies or educational material but when you don't have enough light, space, desks, bookshelves, desks, ventilations , it just makes it more difficult for the teachers and makes it so much harder for the children to be able to learn.

San Jorge is a very fortunate to be receiving this help. Thank you to everyone who has been able to contribute to this school. We still need help to be able to finish the roof and put in the windows....if you can help, please let us know!

We have another school in Panajachel that is trying to finish their playground area.
This is a school that is used by at least 400 children a day and will soon have a classroom for children with special needs. This is going to be the first school that can have children with special needs and will be able to have a classroom especially for them.
But the playground needs to be finished , they are cementing the area so that children in wheelchairs will not have problems with dirt and rocks. In the wet season it will turn to mud. The community and the school has raised most of the money but they now need 72 bags of cement to be able to finish this project.....it is approx. $7 US per bag. If you can help with just one bag, they would be so grateful.
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