Thursday, October 8, 2009

More hunger in Guatemala.

This is the food that we distributed in San Jorge . 10lbs of corn and 5lbs of beans.

These women are picking up kernels of corn from the dirt, they made sure that they collected every single kernel.,0,7500955.story
This is the link to another story about lack of food and malnutrition in children in Guatemala.
This past week we gave out corns and beans to 250 families in San Jorge La Laguna.

Today we are going to Santiago and giving out more corns and beans to nearly 200 families.
We wish that we could give out a lot more and we know the need is very great.

We want to thank everyone who has been so kind to send in donations of money to enable us to feed people.

This situation is going to get worse unfortunately, before it gets better. In the meantime , there are going to be a lot of hungry children.

If you can possibly afford to donate $25 US a month to sponsor a child for food , it will make a big difference in their lives. We will select a child for you and you will have a photo of the child who is receiving your food every month. $25 US is not enough to feed a child for a whole month but it will really help this child to have something to eat.
Thank you.

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  1. Can you designate your sponsored child as the recipient for the food? I sponsor Moises #1122. If I do it through paypal, is it wise to do the $25 plus fees? Thanks for all you do.